Many individuals across the world have raised their concern about Keurig cup. Most of them are worried about the presence of carcinogens in plastic cup, which can have a negative impact on their health. With the presence of chemicals, consumption of coffee in such cups can have devastating health effects which shall be beyond the thought and knowledge of individuals. The best way to understand about the cup and the best Keurig coffee makers is to get educated about it and understand of what all components it comprises of.


What is Keurig cup made of?

The cup comprises of the following;

  1. The complete package contains of a cup, layer of filter paper, and an aluminum foil over the top.
  2. The cups provided with the machine are non-recyclable because of its composition of plastic mixture. This is one of the major reasons owing to which it cannot be recycled. On the contrary, the basic reason of company opting for plastic is its nature to keep the coffee protected and preserved within it.
  3. Cups from the best Keurig Coffee makers are nitrogen flourished to stay fresh, moist and light for consumers to use and carry. Hence, once users have coffee in their hands, they can enjoy the taste and flavor to the most and feel stress free.

Aluminum Composition and Non-Biodegradable Nature

With the presence of plastic chemicals in the cups, these cups cannot be recycled leading to collection of immense waste in the environment. Hence the product is not at all eco-friendly and customers have to separate aluminum from the cup to get it recycled separately. Aluminum is another material which if recycled can produce toxic products to infect the environment. Hence in such a situation customers are recommended to bury the aluminum in landfill and ensure that no harm is caused to anyone with recycling.

BPA Free Cups

While it has been proved that Keurig cups are free from BPA, various studies have brought forth the fact that still it is not as safe as expected. Even BPA free products, can prove to chemically harm consumers when bought in close contact or exposure of heat. The plastic products when tested for estrogenic activity came out to be positive, but the number further increased when such products were exposed to real life uses such as dishwashing, brewing or microwaving. This exposure has altered the structure of human cells, and has posed quite a lot of risks on the infants and children. Considering the fact, it is evident that K-cups do comprises of carcinogens which can pose harm on the health of customers and hence should be avoided.

Harmful for Health

While it has been proved that K cups are BPA Free, but certain studies have brought forth the fact that this material when heated can have harsh impacts on health. Hence when chemicals in the plastic comes into contact with heat, they tend to act like estrogen within your body, shooting the level of hormones in body and making a person feel sick. Thus even BPA free K cups cannot be termed as the right choice for brewing and hence should be avoided to stay oneself fit and away from any kind of life threatening diseases.

The Last Words

From the facts mentioned above, it is well evident that Keurig cups does contains carcinogens which can be harmful on health of consumers and can cause serious side effects to individuals. Considering the overall impact of use of plastic cups, the company is already thinking of replacing the cups with better options which can facilitate customers healthy coffee drinking. It is expected that soon the best Keurig coffee makers shall come up with great alternatives for safeguarding health of customers.

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